3DMedWorld was founded in 2019 by Manolis Babatsikos as a result of a personal vision to transmit medical information around the world in the most authoritative, communicative and friendly way. 

Having gained many years of experience in the professional world of 3D Animation including his collaboration with Warner bros. and various companies worldwide as a freelancer, Manolis Babatsikos decided to return to Greece, in order to realize his vision. 

The company’s target is the full coverage of integrated digital services in the field of Health. Over a period of 4 years, the company has been working together with over 60 doctors of various specialties, private companies and universities in Greece and abroad.  

The main product of 3DMedWorld is personalized solutions for the visualization and simulation of medical procedures, surgeries and operation of medical devices and drugs through a combination of specialized photorealistic 3D imaging programs. It is aimed at all areas belonging to the Health sector, doctors, private clinics, hospitals and Universities.

The main target of 3DMedWorld services is to educate medical students and specialists, to train patients in basic medical procedures, to promote the medical services of doctors and professors as well as the innovative techniques that are developed over time in new operations. The information should be contagious, valid, friendly and digestible to each viewer. 

One of the most remarkable elements of the company and its philosophy is the sense of social responsibility. This is achieved perfectly with the digital legacy that is delivered as medical educational material to the average everyday viewer.

While at first there was skepticism because of the novelty of the techniques involved, Manolis Babatsikos managed to demonstrate beyond any doubt the usefulness of these videos in the doctors’ hands. Since then he has managed to work -> worked with many well-known surgeons, medical and technology companies and hospitals.

3DMedWorld won the awards for the most innovative solution during the Digital Expo 2019 Awards as well as the Digital Expo Health Hackathon 2019.