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Our Philosophy

3DMedWorld was founded in 2019 by Manolis Babatsikos as a result of a personal vision to transmit medical information around the world in the most authoritative, communicative and friendly way.
Having gained many years of experience in the professional world of 3D Animation, including his collaboration with Warner bros. and various companies worldwide as a freelancer, Manolis Babatsikos decided to return to Greece, in order to realize his vision.

Our Services

Integrated specialized digital services in the health field

3D Customized Medical Animations

Creating 3D photorealistic and personalized animated videos that simulate:

  • Medical procedures
  • Surgical procedures
  • Educational activities
  • Medical devices and tools functions
  • PhD and research activities results
2D Customized Medical Animations

Creating 2D videos explaining effectively and friendly:

  • the operation of various medical procedures and diseases
  • the action of drugs on the body
  • research results
3D Motion Graphics Logos

Customized creation and transformation of your corporate logo in an animated 3D photorealistic environment, through specialized programs and motion graphics techniques, presenting in a smart way in a few seconds the philosophy of the company and the services.

Modeling for 3D Printing

Custom creation of medical models of all types, suitable for 3D printing.

Interactive applications

Creating integrated interactive applications based on the needs of each partner. The applications are all supported by the iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality (VR / AR / MR) Applications

Creating interactive virtual / augmented or augmented reality applications based on medical scenarios provided by the partner.

All our digital services are accompanied by:

Professional voice over in any language

Interpretation in international sign language

Specialized infographics

Explanatory titles

Subtitles in any language


The Visualization of the Medical World in Your Hands

Why create
your own specialized 3D Animated Video

Become part of the most advanced medical data imaging technology
Stand out for your innovation
Highlight and present your unique techniques that offer personalized solutions to your patients
Gain the trust of your patients through 3D Animated videos
Educate the trainee doctors


3D Medical Animation

Our Team

Ο Μανώλης Μπαμπάτσικος

Founder & CEO/CTO

Ο Κώστας Μακροζωνάρης

3D content design
(models, lighting, rendering)

Η Βασιλική Αντώνογλου

3D content design
(lighting, coloring, camera placement, animation)

Ο Γιώργος Ντόβας

intro & outro design in each video as well as processing of the final product in post production

Our Partners


Colleagues from around the world, for high quality medical or dental product Animation look no further, we have collaborated with Mr Manolis Babatsikos the CEO of 3DMedworld for several products and the quality is phenomenal, speedy fast service and attention to detail is their strong attributes his team are a pleasure to work with and very helpful so as to create the optimum animation result.

MPF - George Papadopoulos CEO

A big thank you to Manolis for his impeccable professionalism and for his work on the logo that his team made for me! Thanks to the very good communication and the beautiful result, the foundations were laid for a future collaboration. I would highly recommend 3DMedWorld's services to my colleagues.

testimonial Τζοβαΐρης
Αλέξανδρος Τζοβαΐρης

The main thing in our ongoing cooperation (for a few years now), apart from the knowledge and the quality of 3DMedWorld's work, is the professionalism, the immediacy in communication, the willingness for discussion but also the very good prices. I highly recommend it.

Tenebra Studios

I first worked with Manolis Babatsikos and 3Dmedworld a year ago, when I asked for an animated clip for a surgery. I was impressed with the final result and completely satisfied with our cooperation at all levels. The final product is now a valuable tool for me in my attempt to explain complex procedures to my patients in a very simple way. Our second collaboration, which is currently running, was a no-brainer and the result is again guaranteed. I highly recommend Manolis and his team!

λογότυπο Σταυρινού
Pantelis Stavrinou Neurosurgeon

Flawless animations that highlight the work so vividly as if they were alive!! Excellent cooperation, courtesy and I was especially impressed by the continuous questions regarding the subject of the work, in order to render the videos as faithfully and comprehensibly as possible for the audience. My patients' feedback says it all! Just grateful for your help!

Maria Voyatzi Dermatologist - Venereologist

Innovative scientists and amazing people, among the pioneers of the industry!

Employ EDU

If you are looking for professionalism in combination with services personalized to your needs then you are in good hands!

Youthmakers Hub

Excellent cooperation, unique professionalism. The whole team of the company and especially Manolis Babatsikos, carried out a very demanding project with great success. With his on-point suggestions-remarks, but also the immediate implementation of my own wishes, we were presented with a result that exceeded all expectations! I consider it equal (if not superior) to projects of foreign multinational production companies! Immediacy in communication, deep knowledge of the subject, know-how and sheer professionalism show passion and real love for what he does! Finally, innovative tools for high quality medical services in Greece!

Dimitrios Floros General Surgeon




October 2020

Real-Time Affective Measurements in Medical Education, Using Virtual and Mixed Reality, International Conference on Brain Function Assessment in Learning –BFAL2020


September 2020

Biosensor Real-Time Affective Analytics in Virtual and Mixed Reality Medical Education Serious Games: Cohort Study, Jmir Serious Games



Adjunctive non-pharmacological interventions for the management of burn pain: a systematic review at plastic and reconstructive surgery



Digital Expo 2019


Digital Expo Health Hackathon 2019


Bafta Awards 2016




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